Message to the fans & members from Terry Robinson

In this coming weeks the future of football in Bury at a professional level will be decided by members of the original supporters and members of Bury AFC.

The fact that the benefactors have secured Gigg Lane was thought it would be a catalyst to join both groups of supporters.

The original aim when Bury AFC was set up was a coming together when the stadium was secured and to give supporters a chance to watch a Bury team till the united club came back to its spiritual home.

A lot of bad feeling has somehow divided the Bury fan base. There has been mistakes made on both sides but now is the time to put past concerns on one side and both groups get behind a reborn Bury FC.

The downside of a no vote is the real threat of losing Gigg Lane, no Bury supporter can let that happen and have to explain to the next generations we voted to lose Gigg Lane. I have sympathy with the people who have strong feelings and loyalty to the original club but now is the time to consider a new Bury FC on its own ground with the history of the old club as part of its DNA.

I spent a long time involved with the Shakers and whilst I’ve been away a long time my first love is Bury FC.

I’m voting for the amalgamation for the club the town and future Shakers.

Terry Robinson,
Chairman (1980-1999)