Become a Bury FC Supporters' Society member

Become a Bury Football Club Supporters Society Community Member and own your share of the club!

As announced at the last Annual General Meeting, we can now announce our new-look Community Membership. Alongside the Bury FC Benefactors, we are now proud owners of Gigg Lane. That means our model has changed from being one solely used to donate funds into the club in exchange for shares – to one that owns a great community asset. Of course the stadium has overheads and being a member helps us all keep our valued asset as a sustainable one for the whole community.

We are a not-for-profit mutual society which owns Gigg Lane and administers the shareholdings.

You can now become a voting shareholder through a monthly or annual subscription.

The Bury Football Club Supporters Society (society number IP29385R) is a Community Benefit Society, authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, and adheres to strict rules which protects the money and assets it owns. This means that the stadium can never be subject to mortgages, director loans or hold any debt. Gone are the days of an owner trying to asset-strip the ground. All key decisions which affect the long term future of the club are made by the members.

By becoming a member you can help us shape our future and make history. As a community member you will be able to:

• Elect members to the BFCSS board

• Vote on key decisions

• Vote on things like kit designs

• Be kept up to date on all aspects of the club

• Receive exclusive access to the monthly accounts

• Be invited to apply to become a board member, a volunteer or to sit on one of our committees

Your investment will provide us with the financial resources to ensure that the long-term future of the club is protected. It allows us to continue to build on the foundations of having a sustainable community stadium, including building an academy and to continue investing in training facilities within the borough.

We will continue to build on the momentum we have created with the acquisition of the stadium, and with your support, every pound makes a difference. Any expenditure will be checked to ensure no funds are wasted.

Lifetime Members

If you are a lifetime member of the old membership, then we have agreed to honour your lifetime membership in the new one. Every penny counts, and we would love for you to take out a new membership to help sustain your club. If you wish to activate your free lifetime membership then please contact us on with your name, email and old membership number and we will be in touch.

If you want to donate a one-off amount, then feel free to simply donate HERE

For any enquiries please message us at