Can you donate to the cause?

Since successfully acquiring Gigg Lane, we have been overwhelmed by the support and hard work of fans who share our vision.

That vision is to return Gigg Lane to the fans, and also open it up to the town and the community where it can deliver immense value.

This means both restoring Gigg Lane’s best features and going further to redevelop underutilised spaces so that it can become far more than a football stadium.

Unlocking opportunities such as flexible function space, office facilities, medical clinics and a community gym will allow this debt free, fan owned stadium to be a community hub of immense importance and benefit.

Barely a week after completing the purchase, we were able to use Gigg Lane to store donations for the Ukraine crisis, a stark reminder that communities can help each other across vast distances.

How can you help?

Having assembled a ‘White & Blue Army’ of volunteers, the stadium has been restored almost to its basic state from 2019, with competitive women’s football starting on 24 April.

To move to the next stage, as a Supporters’ Society we’re appealing to football supporters locally and around the world to make a donation. Every single pound will make a direct impact and whatever you can afford will be sensibly used by our great army of volunteers to transform Gigg Lane into a fully functional sporting venue and community hub.

Please click the link to donate whatever you can afford and know you’ll have made a real difference to thousands of people.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to seeing you at Gigg Lane very soon.