Since Bury FC were expelled from the EFL, we have had many messages of support from football fans of other clubs, wishing us well in our fight for survival. It shows a kindred belief of what is ‘right’ and ultimately a respect for us all as football fans and people.

Respect for all is one of the core principles that should define us as a club. We are leading the way as the example of a fan-owned football club – the spotlight is on us.

Any person or group should not have to suffer abuse in any form, we need to show respect to our fellow fans, other clubs and the wider community in and around Bury. Show respect for each other as people. We are the Shakers.

Throughout this process many, on all sides, have fallen short of these standards – mostly online, but also with public comments and actions. They should now look to themselves and apologise personally for their actions.

Bury Football Club are committed to an inclusive and safe atmosphere for all – staff, volunteers, players and supporters. One person’s banter is another’s abuse which can be perceived as toxic and will no longer be tolerated.

Abuse – whether it is racism, physical, bullying, mental or abusive language in person or on social media in any form will not be tolerated, and we condemn any such behaviour.

Over the past few days, weeks, months and years there have been examples of this type of abuse which should play no part in the future of Bury FC. The Shakers community should be one of family, promoting inclusivity and be a safe place to enjoy football.

The football club is now only one part of our club. The Gigg Lane Community Stadium is for the use by the whole wider community in Bury and needs to be a safe space for all groups and people. There are upcoming announcements and initiatives working with local groups where this is critical. Abuse in one area will reflect on the whole project and put our future as a club at risk. 

There is no justification for abuse.

This period has seriously affected the mental health of many people and the Bury Football Club Executive board and BFCSS are committed to fostering a safe, positive family club, match day and online experience – to be a community club for all in the town of Bury.

Please show respect for others and together we can stamp out all forms of abuse. There is NO justification for such behaviour.

Bury Football Club Board & Bury Football Club Supporters Society.