Welcome to Bury Football Club Supporters’ Society

Forever Bury was formed as a community benefit society (CBS) during the dark days of 2002, when Bury Football Club was in administration, with the very simple aim of trying to keep the club alive. In 2019, when Bury FC was expelled from the Football League due to the noncompliance of the owners, Forever Bury once again embarked on a campaign to raise vital funds towards the purchase of our club, as decided at the town hall meeting with our members.

In April 2021 the Est 1885 group was formed to help raise benefactor funds to support a community bid in unison with Forever Bury to save Gigg Lane and to drive the process of acquisition from the administrator. The aim of the campaign was to bring together key people to raise vital funds towards the purchase of our club for the community of Bury.

Now that this phase is complete and Gigg Lane is now in the hands of Bury Football Club Supporters, the focus shifts to refurbishment, the operations of the stadium and the restart of Bury FC, which includes a primary objective of amalgamating with Bury AFC who have achieved a lot for a large number of the fanbase.

Going forward Forever Bury will adopt its registered name as the Bury Football Club Supporters’ Society, and an updated, co-opted Society Board will be formed, subject to an existing board vote and ratification. Est.1885’s work is far from complete but as part of the new-look Supporters’ Society and to continue the superb work they have achieved since April 2021 we will co-opt members onto the board. We would like to place on record a huge thank you for all their help finding the benefactors, and the whole group of Bury Supporters who have helped us get to this stage, in owning Gigg Lane.

As part of the overall structure there will be sub committees to create working groups in Finance, Media, Marketing, Commercial and Operations to improve the infrastructure already in place. Should you have experience in any if the above areas contact us on operations@buryfcss.co.uk

New memberships of the society will remain at 10 pounds, existing memberships will remain in place, and will grant any active members key voting rights during this transitionary time period.

Memberships will last until July 2022, the beginning of the 2022/23 season, when a new membership scheme will be adopted following the AGM. We encourage as many new memberships to the Society as possible in this transitionary period to make sure the new Bury FC reflects the wishes of the fan base.


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