Bury Football Club Supporters Society would like to give its members NOTICE OF SPECIAL GENERAL MEETINGS.

As part of the proposed amalgamation process with Shakers Community (Bury AFC), we outlined that we will be working on our members mandate given at the voting stage. 

Now is the time to do that, from 7pm Friday 7th October 2022 you will receive an email from Mi-Voice the independent party who will be assisting with this voting process. Below is an update on how the process works. 

Notice is hereby given that a Special General Meeting of the Society will be held at 19:30 on 28th October 2022 at Gigg Lane for the purpose of considering the following special resolution: 



THAT at this meeting of the members of the Society it be resolved that the Society and Shakers Community Society Limited (Register number 8350) (“SCS”) shall be amalgamated pursuant to section 109 of the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 on the date that this resolution (and a resolution identical to this resolution passed by SCS) is registered by the Financial Conduct Authority (the “Amalgamation Date”) on the conditions following: 

  • the name of the amalgamated Society shall be The Football Supporters’ Society of Bury; 
  • the registered office of the amalgamated Society shall be at Gigg Lane, Bury BL9 9HR; 
  • the rules of the amalgamated Society shall take the form of those regulations appended to this Notice and marked “A” for the purposes of identification (the “Rules”); 
  • on the Amalgamation Date the Members of the amalgamated Society shall be the Members of the Society and the Members of SCS as immediately prior to the Amalgamation Date; 
  • the first board members of the amalgamated Society shall be the persons listed below: Alistair Rowe (BFCSS), Mike Goodier (BFCSS), Daniel Bowerbank (BFCSS), Karl Lee (BFCSS), Michael Howarth (BAFC), Phil Young (BAFC), John Woodcock (BAFC), David Triggs (BAFC) 
  • the amalgamated Society shall on the Amalgamation Date be credited with all of the stock, property and other assets and all engagements of the Society and SCS and shall undertake all the obligations affecting the Society and SCS at such date; 
  • any three of the board members named above be appointed, together with the secretary, to sign the Rules and to accept any alterations made to the Rules by the Financial Conduct Authority without further consulting the Members of either the Society or SCS. 


Under Section 111 of the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 this resolution must be passed by not less than two thirds of those members present and voting at the meeting (whether in person or by proxy), and must be confirmed by a further Special Resolution at a second general meeting

The proxy closing date will be midnight on October 25th for SGM 1 and midnight on November 8th for SGM 2. These timings will allow over 48 hours to process the proxies and address any issues ahead of the meetings.

To ensure the integrity of the process, proxy forms need to be posted or emailed directly, not handed in at a collection point such as the stadium or collected by any third parties. We note following a conversation with Bury Football Club Company Limited Directors that quite a number of our members don’t have access to printers, scanners and would like to offer our members the opportunity to come down the FGRS community hub at the stadium who will be able to assist members to send their vote in the correct form for it to be counted. We would encourage all valid members to vote! 

Due to the magnitude of the decision and the public scrutiny, the voting process needs to be fully auditable. Mi-voice are recommending that all voting is conducted online or electronically. There should be no ‘show of hands’ as this will not be auditable. The logistics for setting up an online voting method at the BFCSS meetings will be finalised and announced ahead of the planned meetings.

Please note those with postal notices will be dispatched on Monday 10th October.


Should you have any issues in not receiving your voting information please contact and we will assist.

Throughout this process all parties from Bury Football Club Supporters Society, Football Supporters Association, Bury FC Benefactors, Bury Council and Bury AFC have all put out information, statements, proposals etc… and for those who haven’t read any of them we would encourage our members to read these before forming their final decision on voting.

Bury Football Club Supporters Society has issued all information to its memberships and will follow its members mandate.

We would like to place on record a huge thank you to all our members, who have stuck by this long process but we are now glad to be able to announce this information.


Bury FC Supporters Society Board 

Voting Documents

Proxy Form 11th November 2022

Proxy Form 28tth October 2022

GM Notice


Raise Money for Gigg Lane, have your opinions heard

After you have voted, please take a few minutes to complete this short study by the London School of Economics, Department of Behavioral Science, related to attitudes towards football in Bury:

The first 500 Bury football fans who complete the survey will earn £1 towards the fund of their choice, including Gigg Lane redevelopment for BFCSS members.