Bury Football Club Supporters Society would like to thank all fans who voted on the future of your club. A fan owned club is nothing without its loyal fans, you are all valued and have a part to play.

Under Section 111 of the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 this resolution must be passed by not less than two thirds of those members present and voting at the meeting (whether in person or by proxy), and must be confirmed by a further Special Resolution at a second general meeting.

Votes in favour are 952 (90.1%) and votes against the resolution are 105 (9.9%)

During the SGM and the voting process the independant company Mi Voice have ensured compliance, counted, ratified all eligible votes and verified the result.

The outcome of the vote is that the required threshold of 66.6% has been achieved, the resolution has therefore passed.

What we are building today, is for those who will look back, be proud of the work we as volunteers have put into establishing this club as a shining example of a sustainable fan owned football club.

We would ask every person to now look to themselves as to how best you can support Bury Football Club. The future of your club is in your hands, join us, become members and be a part of the future.

Do not walk away, come back to be part of the future of Bury FC, we are the Shakers.